Friday, June 23, 2006

Cannes Lions Dispatch Week: Giraffes, Turtles, and Japanese Pop

Filed Friday, 6/23/2006, 10:00 AM by Kirin Sapporo
Location: Cannes, France
Photo: Kirin Sapporo

The sun is white-hot and so are the women. I'm not sure what they're feeding them here, but they all have tight bodies, deep tans and nice cans. Something tells me the cosmetic surgery business is booming in these parts as well.

A female acquaintance was in awe at some of the women walking down the streets. "It's like a completely different animal," she said. "It's like they're a giraffe, and I'm a turtle."

I've been to a few seminars, which were, all told, pretty good. Martin Sheen and one of the creators of Sex and the City talked about advertising and pop culture. David LaChappelle and the cast of "Rize" also showed up during a new director's showcase.

By the way, I think the coolest piece of work at the showcase was this music video from pop artist, YUKI, from Japan. The crowd loved it.

This being France, the patisseries and boulangeres are plentiful and delicious. Sure beats the left over steam table scraps I get from the Korean deli every day.

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