Friday, July 29, 2005

Drinking Games

I really don't like drinking games. The idea of playing a game in order to drink booze seems to really get in the way of, umm, actually drinking the booze. The worst are card games. First of all, it's never a game I know. Secondly, who can memorize these arcane rules, loaded at 1am? Not me. Drinking games suck.

But there is one exception: quarters.

I love playing quarters and that's probably because I am really good at it. Generally, no one wants to play after the first 5 minutes because I sink about 50 in a row, leaving most partygoers either very drunk, irritated, or both (usually both).

Today, however, I am humbled. I just watched the fucking Tiger Woods of quarters and I think it's time to take my quarters and start using them for other things, like, you know, goods and services.

[Courtesy of iFilm]


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