Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lazy Summer Continues

I shit you not when I say that the summer is really damn slow here at Muk Report headquarters. I am continuing the de facto "limited posting" policy until we vacate the beach house.

What's that? The Hamptons you ask?

Fuck no.

When I think "getaway" the last thing on my mind is a bunch of asswipe New York types complaining that "there's no good Burmese food out here." I'll be with the salt of the earth in South Jersey, eating hoagies, Mack and Manco's pizza, and talking about the past and inevitable future failures of Philadelphia sports teams.

Of course, that gets pretty old after a while too. But just before I hit the boiling point, I'll be back in the car with a big ass Wawa coffee driving up the Garden State back to bootylicious Brooklyn.

Where I can get some good Burmese.


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