Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Chowhound: Not Quite the Unleavened Experience of a Lifetime

Recently, someone asked why their post was deleted from the Chowhound Kosher Board. This is what the Chowhound mods spewed in response on their Site Talk board,

"We need to clear up what seems to be a confusion here- you're not entitled to an explanation of anything, so please tone down the demands... there are plenty of other websites that serve the Jewish community, so we hope that anyone who wants to delve deeper into Kosher food issues move the discussion to one of those sites, or start one of your own. There's software out there that makes it easy and you get to set the rules!"

Translation: go fuck yourself!

It's great - in the very first sentence the mods claim that users are not 'entitled to an explanation of anything', yet there are numerous rancorous and defensive posts from Chowhound staffers in this thread, perpetuating the poorly disguised pissing contest.

Finally, once the rage subsides, we get this from the mods,

"The topic is well worth discussing. It was on the wrong board. Please start the discussion on the General Topics board, where it can be discussed as it should be. If you'd like a copy of your post, feel free to send an email to..."

Ahh, one love, my Chowhound brothas.


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