Friday, April 22, 2005

The Not-Really-Inaugural Post

Ok, I have decided, for the benefit of the 4 of you out there that are interested, to try to update this on a daily basis. I know what you're thinking... another bozo jumping on the self-indulgent blogging bandwagon.

Partially true. Ok, completely true.

That being said, here's some of the stuff I plan to write about: music (my own and others'), art, comedy, food and drink, my Brooklyn neighborhood, running, chicks I want to do, and other things that may come along that I happen to be digging at the time.

Here's what you won't find: treacly musings on fatherhood, pictures of my cat (I don't have one), complaints about my job vis-a-vis hackneyed references to Dilbert, and other generally mundane crap that somehow gets elevated to importance simply by being available for wide-scale consumption.

Sure, I may lapse into banality, in which case you can send your hate mail and/or male enhancement advertisements to mukundrao-at-hotmail-dot-com.


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