Sunday, April 24, 2005

Some Stuff I Read

Not a complete list, but...


The New Yorker - often pedantic, yet thoroughly enlightening and accessible. Really the only magazine where a writer would force the words "atavistic" or "protean" in a piece about Maroon 5.

The Atlantic Monthly - long articles, some by a guy named Langewiesche (pronounced "Langewiesche"). Lots of satisfying this-is-how-the-U.S.-is fucking-up-abroad articles. Smart and informative like the New Yorker, but less masturbatory.

The Economist - breadth at the expense of depth. Nearly impossible to keep up with on a weekly basis unless all you do is read The Economist. And yeah, I get it, bad shit is happening in Sudan.


Craigslist - if you're under the age of 35, you probably got half your shit through Craigslist. "Rants and raves" section is a totally irresistible trainwreck.

Gawker - seminal, "snarky", NYC blog edited by Jessica Coen. Gawker Stalker is a wonderful guilty pleasure. Ok, the whole thing is wonderful guilty pleasure. Yes, I have a crush on Jessica Coen.

Chowhound - if you are serious about food, this is one of a few choice destinations. Chowhounders proudly eschew hype and trends to seek out real gems on the food landscape. Crudely run site with curiously angry and defensive staffers, so don't step on any toes; read here for more info.

Curbed - NYC real estate is a microcosm of all that is great and completely revolting about the City. Curbed always has the scoop.


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