Monday, October 24, 2005

Asia Dispatch Week: Recap

Well, Asia Dispatch Week turned out to be Asia Dispatch Fortnight as an alert reader observed. I offer a hearty kudos and thanks to Upper West Side correspondent, Kirin Sapporo, for his dutiful reporting from the Far East. An intrepid correspondent, Mr. Sapporo risked food poisoning and, likely, various venereal diseases to bring Asia home to you, the reader.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this small collection of dispatches finds its way into bulkpacks for Asian Studies 101 at our nation's most esteemed colleges and universities. Also, I am an idiot.

So, what exactly did we learn these past 2 weeks? Let's see,

1. The Foo Ko is not as exotic as the transliteration suggests.

2. Beware the woman that chases man.

3. Must get to Bangkok next time.

4. Cats are the new rats.

5. Know the local rules before littering in Singapore.

6. The Japanese are taller and hipper than ever before, neither of which will come in handy when the big one hits.

There you have it. Now, back to bidness.


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