Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fun with Yahoo People Search

Because I am a total retard, I actually wondered how many people there were out there named "Phyllis Stein." You know, because it's a homophone for "philistine."

So I powered up the ol' VIC-20 and navigated my way down the Infobahn (buckle up!) over to trusty Yahoo! People Search, and here's what I found,

Phyllis Stein (14)
Phyllis Steen (3)
Phyllis Stine (1)

Only 18 in the whole of the U.S.! So, next time one of your europhile, Guardian-UK-reading, non-Freedom-Fry-eating, abortion-loving, communist friends tells you that 3/4 of our great land is full of boors and louts, you tell 'em The Muk Report told you different.



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