Friday, November 18, 2005

Iranian Teens Going Blind

Laura Secor's piece on the collapse of the reform movement in Iran in this week's New Yorker is an insightful read. To wit, check out this quote from a young Iranian security official,

"The majority of the population is young. Young people by nature are horny. Because they are horny, they like to watch satellite channels where there are films or programs they can jerk off to. We have to do something about satellite television to keep society free from this horny jerk off situation."

Shit, Horny Jerk Off Situation is practically my middle name and I turned out just fine, thank you.

Yeah, I'm sure Iran would be a world fucking superpower if they could just get the kids to stop beating off already. Let's pray to Allah that Sirius doesn't market to Iran anytime soon. We'd be looking at a worldwide Kleenex shortage.

Secor concludes,

"My translator implored me, in a jaw-clenched monotone, 'Please do not laugh right now. This is a very sensitive moment.'"

It's safe to say that Secor maintained her composure, as it's pretty hard to file a report once you've been blindfolded and decapitated.

Kudos, Laura!

(The article, incidentally, is not online. There is, however, this interview with Laura Secor about her experience in Iran.)

[New Yorker]


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