Friday, September 08, 2006

It's Racist Post Friday!

From NY1,

The manager of the Chinatown bus company whose bus tipped over in Massachusetts on Tuesday, says the accident was due to the driver taking an unfamiliar route.

Did the manager, for a second, stop to think that maybe, just maybe, the bus crashed because...


Now, two things,

1. Fuck you, I'm allowed to make that joke (joke?).

2. To my sick, racist, white devil readership that laughed. You were set up. Diversity training starts next week. Attendance is mandatory. Lunch (soup dumplings) will be served. These guys will provide afternoon entertainment.

[NY1: Chinatown Bus Manager Says Unfamiliar Route Caused Crash]


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Racist Muk Report.


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