Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Babelfuck Mistranslation Contest (#2)

Would you believe me if I told you that half of the emails I get are from people imploring me to do another Babelfuck contest?

Of course you wouldn't because you are all savvy people that see through my silly lies. To be frank, half of my emails are actually from some woman who would "like to have some NoStrings AttachedSexX," but that bitch still hasn't written me back. Fucking tease.

Right. So, anyway, back to the main attraction: Babelfuck Contest #2. This time it's for bragging rights. And before you spoiled little shits scoff at a non-monetary prize, remember that our founding fathers died defending your bragging rights.

Spoiled little shits.

Ok, wow, I am like totally ADD today. Back to the program. Here are five new songs; and I am praying to God/Allah/Tooth Fairy that it's harder than the last contest. You guys were all over that.

Oh, two restrictions to point out: no online resources (i.e., Google) permitted; immediate family and siblings are excluded from posting guesses - email me directly if you want to play for fun. I can't really enforce any of this, so please be a good sport.

Song #1

"Exists a waiting so much long-lasting. You will not wait for never so much. Here comes your individual."

Song #2

"No one to you said when in order to it runs. You lost the initial firearm arm."

Song #3

"When this alone and they take too much, it sends a cable that emanates through above."

Song #4

"We walked in air, it had a firearm arm, I had a grin. Think that this history is beyond but is expects in order to it begins."

Song #5

"I lose those areas of heavy metals that I used in order to I go I see in the landing the summertime."

Who will be crowned Babelfuck Mistranslation Champion #2? Drop your guesses in the comments section and await the results.

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