Thursday, June 16, 2005

Someone's Not "Fonda" Jane

Hanoi Jane

God, am I getting fucking good at writing these headlines, or what?

Tom Carson's review of Jane Fonda's new autobiography, My Life So Far, in the current Atlantic Monthly, spares few barbs for the 67-year-old actress and erstwhile Vietnam war activist cum (hee hee) fitness maven.

Describing her life as "a hurricane in a pawnshop if ever there was one," the apoplectic Carson manages to write an entire book review without, well, ever really talking about the book itself.

On Fonda's lifelong, pathological self-involvement,

"That Fonda can still be an unconscious narcissist after all these years is triumphant proof that she's as American as smart bombs and Bozo."

This is a thoroughly entertaining, if tendentious, piece. If the image of Hanoi Jane still elicits rancor and you are looking for more reasons to hate her, this one's for you.


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