Thursday, May 19, 2005

If We Can't Fall Asleep on the Subway, the Terrorists Have Won

It used to be that the only consequence of falling asleep on the F train was a bleary-eyed awakening to the squawking seagulls and briny air of Coney Island. Well, according to Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, via Curbed, this is no longer the case,

"The transit police officer asked for her driver's license and because she didn't have it or any other photo identification on her, she was handcuffed and ROUNDED up with a group of homeless men, who were sleeping on the train."

The whole story on OTBKB.

Let's see... homemade bombs are being detonated at the U.N., and the NYPD is arresting stand-up comics for falling asleep on the subway?

Fucking lovely.


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